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OEM Manufacturing

Presentation is everything.

Your property’s landscape can say a lot more about your business than you think. It speaks to your customers, your vendors, and to your own team. Adding well maintained life to your property not only increases your property value, but also the perception and profile of your business. 


Edmonton, AB


Size in this space mattered. 

OEM Remanufacturing’s building architecture stands out and it needed something special in its landscape that would live up to its own design standard. Working closely with the building’s architect, we set out to design a space that would integrate with the building itself rather than feel like something that just sat in front of it. We wanted the space to be useful to employees as a place to relax and feel refreshed. 

Size in this space mattered. We brought the largest boulders we could have transported to the site – and a lot of them too! It is important that features in a large landscape are substantial enough that they aren’t lost in its own sheer size. In order to keep costs in check, we used techniques to amplify the rock features to make sure the customer received the best bang for their buck while still achieving our design goals. 

Colour and Life.

Bright and contrasting colours draw your eye to the property. 

Solid Stonework.

Concrete, boulders, and rock give a sense of permanency and strength.

Like What You See?

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